Company profile


Company profile

We, as Woodimex Forest Products founded in 2015 in Duzce, serve you with more than 25 types of veneer in a professional manner together with our staff with 30 years of experience.

We sell veneer, timber and MDF covers. As Woodimex Import Export, we export our products to the countries of Europe, Middle East and Africa, and we continue expanding day by day.

We make a difference with our way of working

Our primary goal is to produce the most quality products for you, and with this purpose, we work meticulously by using the right techniques without diminishing the quality during manufacturing. We supply the round timber on our own, we pick the round timbers in the forest that are in the right shape and size for our customers and bring it to our country. 90% of our raw material is imported. We manufacture in Ukraine and Romania. For wooden paneling, we produce high quality wooden panels from 0.50 mm to 2 mm. We ensure that the products you choose are delivered to you in a fast way. We know that success is not the amount of work that is done, it is the continuous preference of the customers as a result of the work.

Woodimex Wood Veneer
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